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Limited Service Warranty

  1. Limited Service Warranty – Each product repaired or overhauled by Clero Enterprises Inc. (CEI) will be free from defects in material and workmanship introduced during CEI repair or overhaul work, under normal use, subject to the conditions and requirements of paragraph 2 through 7 below.
  2. Warranty Period – CEI will, at its option, either repair or replace any item serviced by CEI that is found to be defective under the Limited Service Warranty within the time period specified below:
    • Overhaul Products: 6 Months Parts and Labor.
    • Repair product: 3 Months Parts and Labor
    • Bench Test/Recertification: No Warranty shall apply.
  3. Customer Responsibility – It shall be the responsibility when returning a product for warranty consideration:
    • Advise date of installation.
    • Advise date of failure and hours of operation.
    • Advise nature of failure.
    • Return unit before the applicable warranty expires.
    • Return unit with no broken seals, alterations, signs of abuse, or improper installation.
    • Ship via Airfreight and NOT via Parcel Post or Truck (except when customer is within CEI’s local vicinity).
  4. Cost of transportation is excluded.
  5. All returns must be shipped prepaid to CEI. All units must be packed in the original or comparable packing and shipped by a reliable means.
  6. This warranty shall not apply to any unit or part thereof which, in the judgment of CEI, has not been installed in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions, or has been subject to misuse, contamination, negligence, or incident.
  7. CEI liability under this Limited Service Warranty is limited to the net price paid to CEI by the customer for such product or service proved defective or CEI has the option, to repair or replace such equipment upon return to CEI in accordance with the terms and requirements of the foregoing policy. Except as expressly stated above, CEI makes no warranty as to products or services, express or implied, and CEI specifically disclaims all other warranties, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The forgoing limited warranties are given and accepted in lieu of any and all other warranties, guarantees, obligations, rights and remedies, express or implied, whether based in negligence, contract, strict liability, tort, or otherwise. In no event will CEI be liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages or charges including labor expended in isolating the failure nor the removal or reinstallation of the unit.

When CEI provides a warranty replacement for a defective unit, the warranty is continued for the warranty period of the original purchase. If no defect is found with the return unit, the customer will be held responsible for the cost of testing, recertification, parts and labor incurred to return the unit to overhauled condition.

Overhaul Exchange Policy

When an overhaul exchange unit is purchased from CEI, our customer receives a unit that has been serviced and fully certified for airworthiness to manufacturer’s standards. In exchange, our customer returns to CEI a repairable unit (Core) for subsequent overhaul and to return to CEI inventory for future exchanges. CEI takes possession of the core as its property.

Core returns must have the same part number as the exchange unit, unless other arrangements are made at the time of purchase. If an unlike part number is received as a core without prior arrangements being made, CEI reserves the right to bill the customer the full outright sales price and return the unacceptable core.

All core units are subject to inspection and approval of CEI’s quality department. Core and overhaul units must be received “as removed” from the aircraft, and in rebuildable condition. If the unit is not in an acceptable condition, the flat rate exchange price is not applicable. The customer will be notified and a suitable settlement will be negotiated. Unacceptable conditions may be defined as, but not limited to a unit with unlike part numbers or that has been dropped, submerged contaminated, overhauled, or has abnormal wear.

Prompt return of cores is crucial to maintain available stock levels that permit us to supply exchange needs on a short and timely basis. Cores should be received within 14 days unless prior arrangements have been made or the transaction is considered to be an outright sale.

Exchange units returned unused may be subject to a recertification and restocking fee. All warranty items must have RMA prior to shipping.

Shipping Information

Please ship all units and equipment (Cores, repair units, and warranty units) directly to:

Clero Enterprises, Inc.
3881 N.W. 125th Street
Opa-Locka, Florida  33054 USA
(305) 681-4877 

CEI Exchange agreement should be included with the unit to insure proper and timely disposition of unit.

  • Please cap all holes in and electrical connectors.
  • Ship all units in rigid boxes marked “Fragile.” Pack in original or comparable packing by surrounding each unit with a minimum (4”) four inches of soft foam rubber between each component and carton, on all sides, top, and bottom. Failure to do so may result in voided warranty.
  • Included detailed reason for return in the shipping box.
  • Preferred shipping is by Airfreight, never Parcel Post.
  • Please send all shipping prepaid. CEI does not accept C.O.D. Shipments.

Receiving Information -If any shipment from CEI is received with shipping damage, please notify CEI and file a claim with the carrier immediately. All units shipped prepaid by CEI within the U.S., are insured only for minimum amount. Additional insurance is the responsibility of the customer. 

Terms of Payment - If your company has established credit with CEI, invoices must be paid within the guidelines set forth by our Credit Department. If an account has not been established, applications are available upon request. For credit information, pleases contact our Credit Department at CEI. MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards are accepted. All other transactions will be handled on a C.O.D. basis, unless previous arrangements are made.